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Unleash Productivity.

Experience time without boundaries with Eiliad Pro. Effortlessly manage and organize clocks in different time zones, while staying on top of your schedule with alarms, stopwatches, and timers.

World Clock

Embrace the simplicity of global time

Effortlessly plan meetings with colleagues from different continents, coordinate video calls with friends around the world, and never miss a moment of international excitement.

Create calendar events

With a simple click, you can effortlessly create a calendar event, perfectly synchronized with the time zone of any specific city. Say goodbye to manual calculations.

Working Hours

Say goodbye to scheduling mishaps! Effortlessly view the working hours of any city, ensuring you never make plans at the wrong time again.


Instant Search

Effortlessly discover the local time of any city that piques your interest in just a matter of seconds. Stay connected with different time zones, plan meetings, or simply satisfy your curiosity about the current time in various cities, all with the convenience of the lightning-fast offline search.

Create events while searching

Simply search for the city, and then add the event to your calendar at the corresponding local time directly from the search results.

Offline database

Search instantly through an offline database of 15,000 cities across the world. No more waiting or struggling to find an internet connection – get your results with a single click!

Add directly from the search results

You can easily add a city to your favorites directly from the search results, without having to go through a separate procedure.


Manage alarms across different time zones

Whether you're a frequent traveler or have contacts in various locations, you can conveniently schedule alarms according to the specific time zone you require, ensuring you stay organized no matter where you are.


Quick timers

Create multiple quick timers for different tasks. With just one click, you can easily start and manage each timer, making your daily routines more organized and efficient.


Measure time with precision

Track time precisely by using several quick stopwatches and conveniently operate them all with just one click, making multitasking a breeze.



Efficiently categorize your clocks based on individuals, whether they're your coworkers, friends, or family members. Stay organized and never lose track of time with ease.


Effortlessly categorize your locations, whether they are your favorite travel destinations, places of work, or cherished spots with family and friends.

And so much more coming soon.

World Map

Interactive world map featuring a time overlay and a horizontal clock layout.


Effortlessly keep track of significant events in your life, set up and customize countdowns, ensuring that you never miss out on celebrating or meeting crucial milestones.


Set designated time intervals to concentrate deeply on tasks, boosting your efficiency and eliminating distractions, all while maintaining a clear visual representation of the time left.


Place widgets of your favorite clocks, countdowns, frequent timers, and stopwatches.

View options

Customize your experience by selecting your favorite view options.

Deeper integration

Deeper integration with the system's calendar, reminders, and contacts.


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Eiliad Pro



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