Arclite Pro

Discover, Secure, and Explore.

Effortlessly browse your archives just like any other folder on your device. Safeguard your files, unlock hidden treasures, and navigate with ease. Experience the future of archiving.


Explore archives without extracting

Effortlessly explore archive contents without the need for extraction, enabling a convenient overview of stored files and structure. Quickly preview files using Quick Look, share them directly from the archive, or drag and drop them wherever you desire.

Open files directly from the archive

Open and view files directly from the archive itself, avoiding the hassle of extraction. Select the application for opening the file right from the archive.

Quick Look

Quick Look at the contents of files stored within an archive, facilitating rapid assessments and aiding in locating specific information without the need for full extraction.

Search files in archive or inner folder

Search for specific files directly within the archive or delve deeper into the contents by exploring the inner folders. Pinpoint the desired files with precision, whether they are located at the archive's root level or within nested directories.


Share files directly from the archive, simplifying the sharing process by avoiding the necessity to first extract the files.


Create archives

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly create a new archive. All it takes is a quick drag-and-drop of your files and a hassle-free organization into folders, all conveniently managed within a new window.

Add files to existing archives

Add files or simply drag and drop them into existing archives, create new folders, and directly organize files within the archive.

Delete and rename files within the archive

Easily delete, rename, and move files within the archive, simplifying the way you manage your content and keep things organized.

Select view mode that's most comfortable for you

Choose the mode that's most comfortable for you, whether it's the visual clarity of icons or the organized structure of tables.


Choose the file saving format

Choose the archive format, along with the compression level, type of compression, and password settings. Tailor the archive according to your specific preferences and security requirements.

Encrypt archives

Ensure the security of your archives by setting up encrypted password protection, a robust measure that adds an extra layer of defense against unauthorized access.


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Arclite Pro


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Arclite Pro


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